LUPC believes that children and young people should play a full and central place in church life. Here are some of the ways we engage with children and young people:

Children’s & Youth Groups

Our Children’s Group meets on Sunday mornings, Champion’s Challenge meets on Friday afternoons and The SPACE is a drop-in café for young people. Our Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades meet across the town throughout the week and we run holiday clubs in the summer break.

Intergenerational Opportunities

Messy Church and All-Age Worship offer a time for all ages to worship and reflect together. Our residential opportunities for families are about building community.


We offer chaplaincy, Religious Observance and a variety of workshops to schools in the parish.

Strategy for Children & Young People

Our Parish Council has made the following commitments to work with children and young people:

to embrace… We affirm that all children and young people matter, regardless of personal circumstances, social or cultural background and choices they make in terms of faith or lifestyle, and commit:

  1. to treat all children and young people with respect and to promote and protect the welfare and safety of young people;
  2. to provide opportunities and activities for children and young people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and abilities.

to encounter…

We believe that the lives of children and young people are enriched by encounter and relationship with God, with each other and with the wider church, and commit: 3. to reach out to children and young people where they are, offering them opportunities to hear the Good News, ask questions in a safe environment and build relationships with each other and with the church; 4. to create opportunities for children young people to encounter God through prayer, worship and fellowship which is relevant to their lives.

to encourage…

We want to celebrate, nurture and encourage children and young people and support them in difficult, challenging and changing times, and commit: 5. to celebrate children and young people, their achievements and rites of passage in their lives and to provide relevant pastoral support through times of decision, change and challenge; 6. to pray for children and young people.

to enable…

We believe children and young people are equal partners with adults in the life of the church and in discipleship with Christ, and should be enabled and equipped to play a full part in Christian life, ministry and mission, and commit: 7. to provide opportunities for children young people to engage in mission and service and to be involved in all aspects of church life, including worship, leadership and decision making; 8. to resource and support those working with children and young people.